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We service ALL ages. Seeking lessons for a broader age group?  Please click here.




Our tennis program begins teaching children, between the ages of primarily 3 and 9, the basics of tennis with lots of fun in between! In some cases, with enough students of the same age group, we may teach children as young as 2 years old. We even extend beyond 9 years old to middle school, high school, and beginning adults out to learn a new pastime! Click below to find out more!



Like our tennis program, our golf program begins teaching children as young as age 3 to as old as age 9. In some cases, we are able to extend well beyond these ages with a direct request. Please contact Coach Iry directly to find out more, or you can click here.



schools & programs we service
enrollment is still open!

Click below to see our list of schools. Links to sign up your attending child are coming soon!


Adaptive Tennis classes
now offered!

TopSpin GT has just added a new specialty of Adaptive Sports for people of ALL ages and abilities!

If you currently live in the Round Rock/Williamson County area and have someone of the Adaptive Sports/Special Olympics Community, please click below to find out more!


How about a Demo?

Inquire and request more information about adding TopSpin Golf & TopSpin Tennis classes into your school’s curriculum. Demo classes available for preschools and private schools only.